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Client Reviews

We are proud of the service we have offered our clients for more than a decade. We value our clients' trust and we try our best to deliver good results for each application. 


Rolando L Tumbaga

"Thanks be to God first and second, to Best Advice Ltd that is not only best in giving advice but the people are among the best you will ever meet. God bless you all and see you again in the future. In addition, I want to say a special thanks to Sir Gerry Quijano and family, as well to Maam Kendra and all the staff. Because of you guys, I do not have any hesitation to introduce Best Advice to others for I know they will be in the best of hands. God be with you and your good office."



"I would like to thank Kuya Gerry for helping us all the way from the very start of our first visa application up to our successful residency application. We are forever grateful. Best Advice Ltd is not just a business, they have a big heart to help people. Excellent service,  communication, knowledge and advice in giving or solving different immigration issues."

Image by Deedee Geli


"Kuya Gerry + Kendra! Both of you will always be blessed! You don't take advantage and you both always find ways to help before anything else. Your positivity kept us going. We will never forget you. Thanks for your excellent services. 200% recommended Kuya Gerry and Kendra to multiple friends already."

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Anthony G

"I applied for Essential Skills, SMC and Resident Visas. I found out about Best Advice Ltd from my previous flatmate. They are straightforward, always available for consultations and they kept me in the loop at all times. I am very satisfied, I would like to promote them to others."



"Best Advice Ltd helped us with student visa, work visa and residence visa. We know about Kuya Gerry because he is our church mate and later on we knew Kendra because she helped process our papers. They are great with communication. We are very satisfied with how Best Advice Ltd processed our papers and with how well they communicated with us. They are also very approachable."

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"Best Advice Ltd was recommended by our friend. We applied for SMC and One-off Residency. They were very honest and upfront about whether they would be able to help us with our situation. They planned all possible actions for us to qualify with the SMC visa. We are extremely satisfied with their service especially with Ms. Kendra. She's will go the extra mile to help her clients. Our application process has been way easier because of them."



"Working Visas - WTR – 2021 one off resident visa


Excellent! They are very approachable, friendly, patient and helpful. You will easily get feel at ease with them. Sir Gerry with his sense of humour and 


Kendra for being so jolly and courteous in a professional way. Fantastic organization! Information was accurate, clear and straightforward. 

They response to all the queries promptly and professionally. We are very satisfied with their services. They’ve been helping and supporting

us from beginning to end of the process of our journey. Thank you for your amazing support and help! We really appreciate all the efforts. We would definitely recommend you."

Happy Family


"We applied for essential work visa and 2021 one off residency visa (family of 5)

 Kuya Gery Quijano was referred by a friend of mine and was highly recommended. Kuya Gerry and I had a meetup some time in December of 2019 to discuss the SMC visa application process. I was immediately impressed by how professional and accommodating he was. He knew what he was talking about. He was confident that he can get me and my family the resident visa. I immediately signed the contract and looking back now I can see that I've made a great decision. He was able to sort out the essential work visa requirements with my employer. And although the circumstances changed and considering all the distress from the Covid lockdown, he was also able to get me and my family the resident visa I desperately needed. In addition, the monthly update from Kendra is a value added service. I do not need to constantly email them to get an update. These guys are very professional. I never had to worry about anything in regards to my application because I know Kuya Gerry and his team are on top of things. 2 visas approved (essential work visa and resident visa). Me and my family are grateful. Highly recommended."

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"We applied for residency under the Skilled Migrant Category. Best Advice handles clients very well. Proper communication is always there from time to time and you make your assessment first before we proceed on lodging our documents. We are very satisfied and I always recommend Best Advice Ltd to all my family and friends. Sir Gerry can testify to that :) I would like to thank sir Gerry and Best Advice Ltd for helping me and my family to achieve our Residence visa. It only took me 6 months to process everything from Student visa to working visa and residence visa. Continue to help others like me."

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Jeff L

"Best Advice helped us with a residence visa. They are efficient and always clearly answer my questions. We are very satisfied and happy with this service. Highly recommended. We thank you for being very helpful, kind and professional. More power to all

of you."

Image by Rainier Ridao

Melissa C

"We applied for Essential Skills Working Visa & Skilled Migrant Category Visa / One Off Residency

And was referred by a friend

Kendra Solomon & Gerry Quijano   are prompt in answering queries, very detailed explanation and transparent, very approachable and reliable, you can trust and lean on them when you are in a dilemma with your visa, a good listener, factual and updated when it comes to Immigration New Zealand policies and guidelines. 100% satisfied. I would like to recommend Best Advice Limited to those people needing immigration advice,  who does not have time to read about the immigration guidelines due to work and personal reasons. They offer genuine advice with sincere concern for you and your family. I am so grateful that it was them who helped me a lot here in my New Zealand visa journey and they played a big role in my family’s settlement here in New Zealand. God bless Best Advice Limited.

All the best!"

Image by Deedee Geli

Jay + Malou

"We applied for Work Visa - Partnership; SMC Residency; 2021 One-off Resident Visa. We were referred by our colleague who was a client of Best Advice Limited as well. Best Advice Limited is one amazing team. The team was very accommodating and considerate specially when it comes to finances. Best Advice Limited never forgets to update us about our every application. They are open minded and very optimistic. They give advices on what would be the best thing to do. They never reassured us that they could get our application be approved but they are all trying their very best effort to help us out in our application. Thumbs up! 10/10 satisfied!"


CLE Family

“Best Advice Ltd. helped us navigate through the process, which was complex and tedious since immigration policies kept evolving. Gerry and Kendra lodged our EOI in 2020, secured for us an Essential Skills Work Visa in 2021 and eventually our Resident Visa in 2022.


Fortunately, our friends who are now PR in NZ, referred us to Gerry and his team. Following our friends’ success story and given our own positive experience, we can happily recommend Best Advice Ltd to anyone starting their own NZ journey.”

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"Journey from Working visa to resident visa. I have known Tito Gerry Quijano last 2016 through a friend. I’m very blessed to have met Tito Gerry who is honest and always willing to help his client. What I like the most is they really look after us and giving their best in what they do. They also have a genuine intention to help people like us and this is what I experienced from the beginning of my working visa application until I got my residency. I always get a 100% support from their team. I like also how they establish a harmonious relationship at the same time they maintain professionalism. They are trusted, excellent and dedicated in their service. Also, I’m thankful to Kendra who always listens and make time whenever we needed her help. Glory to God for their lives and God bless Best Advice."

Portrait of a Family

Jose & Joy Teves and Family

"We were ecstatic and thankful to God when we heard the news from our immigration adviser that our family's Resident Visa application had been approved. We discovered Best Advice Limited through a friend's recommendation.

We are so grateful to Best Advice Limited, especially thanks to Kuya Gerry Quijano and Kendra Solomon, our immigration advisers, for their help, honest and friendly advice, and attentiveness throughout the visa application process. As a result, my wife's student visa application, work visa, children's student visas, and family's residency application went smoothly and were approved.

They were very kind and accommodating, even suggesting other options for applying for my family's pathway to residency. They were also very responsive whenever I had queries and never failed to keep me up to date on my applications. We can say that Best Advice Limited is truly the best in all immigration advice-related matters."

Happy Family

Ferdinand G. Laririt and Family

"We were able to know the company through a friend. They also applied for a visa through the help of Best Advice. We really appreciate the timely update about the status of our application. Also, nagpprovide sila ng samples na pwede namin gamitin sa pagbigay ng required documents. We really appreciate all the help that they extended to our family. We can say that we are very satisfied with service." 


Elton Feliciano

"Hello, I'm Elton Feliciano and we want to thank  Best Advice Ltd. I found out about Best Advice from my co-worker and I tried and trusted them. They didn't let us down.Thank you very much Mr. Gerald and Ms. Kendra.You are one of the reasons for our Resident Visa to be approved. Ngayon hinihintay ko na lang pagdating ng wife and ng son ko dito sa New Zealand. Finally yung pangarap namin magkakasama at mabuo kaming pamilya natupad na sa tulong nyo Mr. Gerald and Ms. Kendra pati na din sa company nyo Best Advice. Isa sa nagustuhan ko sa serbisyo ninyo ramdam ko ang pag-care ninyo  samin lalo na sa mga question namin sa mga kailangan pa namin ipasa na documents papers isa din sa nagustuhan ko din very responsive sa mga messages or call ko. Again thank you sa inyo at isa na din ako  sa puwedeng  irecommend ang company nyo sa mga katulad ko din andito sa New Zealand na pinangarap makarating ang pamilya dito sa New Zealand. Alam ko marami pa kayo matutulungan na katulad ko. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH BEST ADVICE AND MORE POWER."



"Nothing is impossible with God: Our family wants to express our thanks  and gratitude first to God because he answered our prayer to live here in NZ and to Best Advice Limited  Kuya Gerry, Kendra and the staff. We met Kuya Gerry through friend Jen when we attended her wedding. He helped a lot especially for our application in our visa, family dependent, wtr and one-off residency. We could say  they are  best  and highly recommended  for their efficient and reliable services for our family. Very friendly, helpful and responsive to answer all our queries. Once again, thank you Best Advice... Regards and more power.“

Image by Raffy John Jimenez

Nikkoli C

"We applied for Working Visa, SMC Visa and One-Off Visa with Best Advice. We found out about Best Advice through a Google search. I think the service that stands out the most with Best Advice is that they are always honest with you and will always give you the best advice in your current situation. I'm extremely satisfied with my journey with Best Advice, especially with Kendra and Gerry, they helped me apply for my working visa back in 2020 and up to getting my One-Off Residency Visa. I highly recommend their service as they are very friendly, professional and know what they are doing."

Image by John Alvin Merin

Mike + Anne

"We used Best Advice for Visa Renewals, SMC, & Residency (one off). We were referred by our cousin who was then a client of Best Advice. The team responds promptly. You can see that they go the extra mile to provide all the support that you need also they give clear instructions that made our life easy. We are very satisfied. We have always used Best Advice to help with our visa processing. We highly recommend this team. Best service ever."


Carina Oliverio

"Best Advice Limited has been with our family since the day we took into consideration moving to New Zealand. Gerry Quijano is very straightforward and honest and would give you the best- and worst-case scenario. No pretensions.  From my student visa to our resident visa, they will guide you every step of the process. They will also give you updates on the status of your application and answer every question that you have in mind. We always felt confident that our papers will be submitted correctly and that they would be able to address any query from INZ on our behalf. 

Thank you, Best Advice Limited team, especially to Gerry Quijano and Kendra Solomon. Our heartfelt gratitude for the ease of fulfilling our dreams at Aotearoa!