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New Zealand is a country of kiwi, peaceful and gentle people with nature and environment, beautiful lakes, quiet mountains and great ski areas. New Zealand has many tourist cities such as Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland. New Zealand is truly a dream place


What's special about New Zealand - a land of nature, people and culture

It's no wonder New Zealand is the most livable country in Oceania. What makes a beautiful New Zealand is the peaceful, quiet scene from majestic mountains, fine white sand beaches, green sheep fields. Once coming to the land of kiwi, you will feel that this place is not boring but on the contrary, very peaceful with a beautiful, livable Auckland, the Hobbit wonderland or the magical beauty of the Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

In terms of culture, New Zealand people are extremely diverse, a reason for us to love this land even more. In fact, the culture in New Zealand is made up of a blend of Polynesia and Europe, so when you travel to New Zealand, you can clearly see a land with many vibrant colors. . Unique festivals and cuisine also create the charm of the southwestern Pacific island nation. And to put it the most succinctly, New Zealand is famous around the world for things like kiwi fruit, bungee jumping, sheep and stunning views.

One of the things that anyone when traveling to New Zealand feels impressed is the civilization and enthusiasm of the people there. A country that upholds openness, sincerity, simple and modern lifestyle. Do not be surprised to see people comfortable walking barefoot, because they simply want to be close to nature more than things from the screen.

Traveling to New Zealand - explaining the name "kiwi land"


You will have the opportunity to know a very interesting story of this country. People here have 2 quite similar terms, kiwi and kiwis, it sounds similar but it says two different things. Specifically, kiwis is the term used to refer to New Zealanders, and kiwi is the kiwi bird. The name that people give the country New Zealand is the land of kiwi also comes from this bird. In New Zealand, the kiwi is the national bird, for it is an endemic bird unique to this country. It is a kind of cute thing that, although it can't fly, is clumsy, but it runs faster than humans. This bird emits a "kiwi kiwi" sound, hence the name kiwi bird. Although they have many oddities, New Zealanders especially love and protect them and consider them as a symbol of the nation.


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There are many stories in New Zealand associated with this bird, showing that they are very important to the people here. The image of a kiwi bird appears on the New Zealand 1 dollar bill. Or New Zealanders often jokingly say "I'm a kiwi", which means "I'm a New Zealander". Not only that, in the Oxford English dictionary in 1918, the word Kiwi appeared, meaning "New Zealander". It is also because of these small and simple things that anyone who has stopped to travel to New Zealand will feel more love to this country. A country worth living in, not only a study abroad paradise of students around the world but also a love of nature and animals from the hearts of kiwi people.

When is the best season to travel to New Zealand?


The weather in New Zealand is completely different from other countries in the Northern Hemisphere, a year in New Zealand is divided into 4 distinct seasons: Summer: Starting from December to March next year Autumn: Starting from March to May Winter: From June to August Spring: from September to November Due to the influence of the mountains and the sea, in general, the weather in New Zealand is sunny, with a relatively large selection. Large, average temperature from about 16-25 degrees Celsius, very ideal for traveling. From June to November is the cold season, the average temperature is from 12-21 degrees Celsius. According to New Zealand travel experience, the more you move south, the lower the temperature will be, possibly down to -10 degrees Celsius. Therefore, you should bring a warm shirt to avoid sudden temperature changes that can cause you pain.

In conclusion, the most ideal time to travel to New Zealand is from November to April next year. This is the warmest, most pleasant time of the year. Warm air will spread everywhere, you can easily feel the impressive beauty of the sheep fields or the cool hills. Moreover, this is also the time when the land of Kiwi organizes a lot of exciting experiential activities. Picnics will bring you interesting and new things. In addition, if you cannot arrange to go in the summer, you can go from November to December, which is also the time of Christmas. Or from September to November is also the time when New Zealand enters spring, the air is very cool and full of life. All kinds of flowers will simultaneously bloom to create a bright and fresh scene.


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