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Student Visas

So why is New Zealand so attractive to students?

  • Top quality education 

  • Globally recognised degrees

  • Safe learning environment 


Eligibility requirements for a New Zealand education will depend on the level of study and the specific programmes. 

But in general, what we list below are the minimum requirements: 

  • Pre-University Programme: completion of 11th grade, IELTS from 5.0 to 5.5.

  • Undergraduate program: high school diploma, IELTS from 5.5 – 6.5 overall score.

  • Master's Program: Bachelor's Degree, several years of work experience and IELTS of 6.5. 



Can I apply for residence visa after I graduate?


International students who study in New Zealand universities or tertiary institutes can in limited situations apply for Post Study Work Visa,  Skilled Migrant or Residence from Work Visas. This all depends on specific factors that a Licensed Immigration Adviser can discuss in detail with you. What worked for your friend or family may not necessarily work for you. A Licensed Immigration Adviser will be able to determine if your programme of study and circumstances will allow you to apply for a work or residence visa after. 

What can I study?

New Zealand universities, tertiary institutes, colleges and schools offer a wide range of programmes. Diplomas, certificates and degrees in Medicine and Healthcare, Engineering, Information Technology, Education, Law and Social Work are among the most popular for International Students. If you would like to choose a course of study that will give you a good chance of gaining residency later on, please contact us in order to discuss your options. 

How much money do I need?

In order to study, you will need to demonstrate that you have access to funds that will cover your school tuition, fees and living expenses. As of 11 May 2022 update from Grant McPherson, Chief Executive of Education New Zealand, the funds required for living costs for University, Tertiary and English Language students is $20,000 NZD per annum. Tuition and fees depend on the programme that you will choose to study. Please contact us for more details and if you would like to find affordable programmes. 

If I get a student visa now, how long before I can apply for residency?

Our international students usually do one to two year programmes at tertiary institutes. If you successfully get a job offer after graduation, it is possible to apply for residence visa shortly after. To determined which programmes could lead to this and for more detailed information, please speak with one of our Licensed Immigration Advisers. 

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